This collection with a robust and authentic character is being expanded further and further by the artist. He travels to France and selects the most beautiful original stones from antique collections. The Dalle stones come from monumental buildings, monasteries and churches and originate from limestone in French Burgundy. Because the stones were not really made to measure in the old days, there is a huge variety of sizes.

Sizes: 130 different shapes and sizes, which vary from 28 CM X 31 CM to 90 CM X 132 CM. Thickness 7/8MM

With larger orders, two engraving stones are provided per 15m², in sizes 30 CM X 30 CM and 70 CM X 60 CM. With orders of less than 15M², we cannot guarantee the presence of these engravings due to production reasons.


A Dalle floor or wall is equipped with modern protective layer. As a result, the stones are easy to clean and maintain. Are you curious about the prices of Dalle, please visit one of our suppliers.


Color options: Evening shadow, Brown grey, Earl grey, Warm desert, Terracotta, Old grey, Morning Mist, Natural beige en White sand.