Named after the famous Palace of Versaille in France, these (originally) wooden floor panels were introduced in 1684. Specially designed for Louis the Great, to replace the old marble floors in the palace. The use of such floor patterns really took off after that and provided many castles and estates with grandeur.

The floor reflects the art of old parquet masters and transcends time and tradition with a special elegance. The pattern brings depth and liveliness to a room. Combined with the modern technique and user-friendliness of Castle Stones, this floor can truly be considered a modern classic.

Sizes: 100 CM X 100 CM Thickness 1 CM


A Versailles floor or wall is equipped with modern protective layer. As a result, the stones are easy to clean and maintain. Are you curious about the prices of Versailles, please visit one of our suppliers.


Color options: Evening Shadow, Brown Grey, Earl Grey, Warm Desert, Light Terra, Old Grey, Morning Mist, Natural Beige en White Sand.